There are times that you will experience a freak accident that will lead to your car to stop and not work, this is where towing services in Cleveland can be of great help. Sometimes things will become worse when you find out that there are no towing services in sight and that you are too far from a city or town. That is why it is always important that you have a tow strap that you can buy in any hardware store in case of emergencies. 

Tow A Car During An Accident 

During these situations, you have to keep calm, act smart, and be creative. Not all people will be willing to help you during these situations, but that is okay because you need to be choosy about the cars that will help you get out of this sticky situation. Try to call the attention of small trucks or pick-up trucks, These kinds of vehicles will have the horsepower to pull your car to the nearest town without breaking a sweat.

Once you have found a nice driver with a truck to tow your car away, you have to get down and dirty and search for an area under the truck where you can attach the strap to connect the two vehicles. You will be lucky if the truck has a trailer ball underneath because this is perfectly designed to tow other cars, but not all trucks have this feature.

If they do not have trailer ball, try to look for any rounded shape metal that looks strong and sturdy. Try not to hook it to any bars, because too much pressure can do damage to the suspension of the truck and it may lead to the both of you being stuck on the road. Make sure that the truck that you have chosen looks healthy and that it doesn’t have any present technical issues.

If you have successfully attached your car to the truck, now it is time to make sure that your brakes, signal lights, and the steering wheel are working efficiently. If your car has power brakes and power steering, then it probably won’t be useful while your engine isn’t working well. But these three components are vital to ensure that you have a safe journey.

After double checking the towing connections, everything here is all about teamwork and planning. Try to map out the nearest town and choose the quickest route to get there. You will need proper communication to avoid mishaps and errors along the way. Make sure that your gears are on neutral before you start moving.

When you are on the go you have to keep your foot above the breaks at all times to avoid bumping the truck in front of you. The connection is only separated by a rope and it will not have the power to prevent your car from moving closer to the truck. It is best to time your brakes as the truck slows down and not to break too early because this might cause resistance. Always remember to keep the rope tight and don’t allow it to bend, the more it bends the closer you are to bumping the truck.