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The North Branch Cycling Club (NBCC) is an Illinois non-profit organization, which promotes bicycle racing in Illinois and the Midwest. Formed in 1998, the NBCC selected its name after the North Branch Bicycle Trail, located in the northern Chicago-Metro area. NBCC members are active in road, mountain bike, cyclocross and time-trial racing, although our club was form around a common passion for the mud and mire of classic European Cyclo-cross racing. Since1998, members of NBCC have often placed among the top 10 in road, mountain bike and cyclocross races.

Our general goal is to provide a forum for our members, sponsors, and the general public with information concerning racing events in the Midwest.

Northbranch Welcomes
New Racing Sponsor,
Sun Ringle

NBCC is excited to announce the addition of Sun Ringle, a wheel and components manufacturer based in Warsaw, IN. In the coming year,NBCC hopes to provide top notch results with the newly aquired equipment.

03 Another
Successful Spring
Training Camp

Training camp was most definitely a success. Words can’t even begin to explain the feeling of seven guys all decked out in the team uniform rolling down the roads of Southwest Wisconsin. With the SAG wagon following us and everything else, it had the feeling of an elite team out on a real training camp. A big heartfelt thanks to Mr. Rene “The Best” Laude who volunteered his time to help mark routes, drive the SAG wagon, and take the pictures. Mr. Laude has now passed the part of the State Driver’s License test on helping cyclists motor pace. Thanks to Ed and Gina Metelica for use of the farm and thanks to all that attended. See you at camp next year!

Our specific goals for 2003-04 are to field at least five top ten finishes in local Illinois races, (with focus on Illinois State Championship Races in particlar) to promote the sport of cycling through participation in racing events or charity/
cycling related events, and to develope a sense of teamwork both on and off the bike.

Future plans include holding our own race and to extend our racing goals to larger series races outside of the Illinois area (i.e. Superweek or WORS)

Please visit again as our site is constantly
in a state of flux


Vic Rentas and Greg Drennan take turns trying to put the hurt on each other

Sharpening their teeth on the hills of Plattteville were: Greg Drennan, Nik Konsulov, Mike Machalek, Brian Nilsson, Steve Hansen, Skip Fotland and Vic Rentas

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