Interested in
becoming a

If you are interested in becoming a member, contact Robert Sliwinski for more information.

Our Mission:
To provide training opportunities, information and a forum for members and to participate in bicycle racing events at various levels of competition.

Our Vision:
To be recognized as a competitive member of the bicycle racing community at all levels from beginner to elite categories.

Team Member Goals:
To train and race in an organized fashion, with the intention of racing as a high functioning team while achieving results that are satisfactory with our sponsoring partners.

Category Definitions:
Category Riders: Cats 5-4, Beginner through Sport

Elite Riders:
Members at the Cat 3 or higher status or Expert level (MTB) that are 24-29 yrs old.

Masters Elite:
Members that have achieved Cat 3 or higher status and are over 30 years old.

Members that are over 30 years of age.

Levels of Participation

Recreational Racing:
High family/work obligations. Limited time available for training, but still enjoys competition.

Racing Goals:
To compete and train as time allows.

Competetive goal:
Compete in racing events with no pressure
on result.

Requirement to maintain status:
2-3 races per year.

MTB: Beginner, Sport Road: Cat 5

1 jersey at reduced cost.

The Northbranch team kit for 2002. Not show are the short sleeve jersey, long sleeve jersey or ball cap. All are available
as part of membership costs.

Competitive Racing:
Time split between commitments to training and other responsibilities. This is the most flexible category.

Race Goals:
To race and train regulary at same level
or category for the year.

Competative Goal:
To contribute to overall race results
and to finish in the top 10.

Requirement to maintain status:
3-8 races per year

MTB: Sport Road: Cat 4/5 .

2 jerseys at reduced cost.

Performance Racing:
Greatest time commitment
to the sport at an amateur level.

Race Goals:
To achieve the next category or level.

Competitive Goal:
To provide the most race results
and place in the Top 5.

Requirement to maintain status:
12 or more races per year
(in any combination series events are included)



Cat 4/5, 3 and up

2 jerseys at no cost to reduced cost